STRRD draws extra attention and creates a twist for your brand or business.

Twisting the cap of STRRD is the first call to action for your brand. A distinctive cap is a real eye-catcher. Therefore we offer you the possibility to create a branded cap. Of course, you could also choose from a diversity of regular caps in different colours.


We partnered with a major flavour manufacturer to offer STRRD with any flavour, from a salty caramel flavour to colourful sprinkles

If consumers just want a little flavour, they can add a little of the content and reuse the remaining content another time.
Many flavours are possible.


Your consumers regains the freedom to create their favourite flavours with STRRD. With the ice-cream spoon they can mix the flavour through the ice-cream and enjoy their personalized flavour.


After tasting, your consumer can decide to add more or reuse it and take your brand home.

Your brand or logo can be embossed on the side. Consumers literally feel your brand and can take it home.


strong material design

Our product has a good wall thickness to give it a high-quality feeling and to preserve the contents. This enables re-usage of the product.

sustainable material

It is possible to use partly recycled plastic or to use plastic from a renewable resource while maintaining proper food grade material properties.

classified food packaging

Our product combines the functionality of containing foods or beverages and the tooling needed to eat or drink.

attached cap

It is possible to use a cap that has a tampering seal that is removed by popping off the cap. The cap will stay attached to the product to prevent pollution.

branded cap

We can offer you almost any colour of aluminium cap or even a cap with your own logo.

custom name

Within the dimensions we can offer you to emboss your own logo or product name/flavour.

any flavour

Your STRRD can be filled with almost any flavour and let it match to your product tree. From lemon concentrate to ice topping.

custom bottom

Create your own icon or functionality at the end of the tube.


During late summer consumers ordered a wheat beer “special” and could choose from 6 flavours.

Where: catering facilities

What: flavours focused on wheat beer

Up sales: up to 11% more wheat beer

Extra spin-off:

Cross selling with STRRD

Attention to wheat beer brand

Enthusiastic catering owners

Excited consumers

During winter time consumers received a free STRRD with their hot chocolate for three years in a row. STRRD was used as give-away for catering facilities.

Where: 650 catering facilities

What: two flavours with hot chocolate

Up sales: up to 30% more hot chocolate

Extra spin-off:

Enthusiastic catering owner

Attention for the hot chocolate brand

Consumers talking about the brand

Excited consumers


Freedom of taste
With STRRD consumers can now add, dose and stirr flavours to spirits, soft-drinks, beer, coffee, ice-cream, pancakes and more. Due to this they can create their own flavoured rum, radler, cherry cola, latte, ice-cream, etc.

Supporting the brand story
Besides consumers benefits it creates added value to brands. Making STRRD complementary to the brand’s products, as mentioned, it will give consumers more time to use, think and talk about the brand.

So, let’s stir up the beverages industry and give your consumers freedom of taste!


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